'Spirituality and spiritual awareness (part 5)



'A suggestion for consideration'.

Concerns current themes and topics, which are discussed in a broader perspective - the intention is to normalize the concept of 'spirituality' and 'spiritual awareness' within our society. This creates the opportunity to reflect on yourself from your free will and personal level and to experiment with it through application in our daily life on Earth.

It took a while to write this. My intention is to regard the fifth blog as a kind of conclusion, in which we once again highlight the essence of the 'spiritual awakening' of the previous four blogs.

Let us use some 'headers' from blog 4 as a guideline.

'You don't have to become something you already are!'.

The feeling, the thought of 'spiritual awakening' is increasingly heard and shared by people who experience something and try to define their 'different perception' through concepts. For if you are 'something', which you do not have to become, then what is 'this', which we were never told from birth or were denied through the ignorance of our parents?

What has actually happened is that from the very beginning we have been so 'immersed' in physical, material life and our four lower minds have absorbed these experiences in such a way that it has led to our current vision and concepts of life. We are fully absorbed in this and come to rely on what our physical senses can perceive and experience. As a result, no thought impulse ever emerged that could question our perspective and way of perceiving.

The well-known phenomenon that people in ancient history thought, that the Earth was flat and you could fall off it, or that the Earth would be the center of the material universe, but also that our brain controls the physical body and allows life choices to make. Examples that indicate that our physical senses can only perceive to a limited extent.

The steady process of 'spiritual awakening' proceeds, as it were, 'from the outside in' and 'from the inside out'. It is a constant interaction between our 'inner and outer world', which we cannot pause or stop for a moment, but over time we will be more able to dose and control it. In principle, it will generate resistance and irritation, which will often be unconsciously projected onto the immediate environment, the world and society in which you are a part. Ultimately, you will gradually become aware that you yourself are the 'cause' of this through the reflective effect of the universal law of attraction. Do you still doubt this?

You realize and feel the inner urge that 'something' is wrong, which you think you should change. Due to the still 'outward' focus of life, we will almost always have the tendency to first make simple changes on a physical and material level. A new challenge in terms of study or hobby, a different profession or work position, moving to a different environment and a different living structure. There are even people who can make extreme choices in these types of unbalanced phases, which they often cannot foresee, but which can lead to major consequences. A divorce involving children or idealizing emigration to another country and so on.

‘Why is this still the case and why is this process of increasing Self awareness so difficult?’

Mental thinking in our modern world is the biggest obstacle for spiritual people. This phase will slowly slide towards more self-acceptance and willingness to give up the tolerance of your linear mind, rational thoughts, logical mind and analytical mind. Detaching yourself from the 'separate selves' in your subconscious minds is our greatest task. This includes the actual karma that we have built up in previous lives and for which we returned to this planet through this law.

Opposing, lower 'astral forces', which have surrounded and complicated our many lives on this planet, will now come forward more than ever to stop us in our further awakening and self-awareness growth. In the era of the 'Golden Age', which we are steadily approaching, it is essential that the existence of a hierarchy of 'dark forces' is increasingly recognized. We have already touched on this aspect in a previous blog. In a broader context of 'awakening', let us consider further why this process is so difficult and slow.

In the Astral realm, on an identity, mental and emotional level, are lower beings who once separated themselves from God and ended up in those Astral spheres during the transition from their physical to spiritual state. They do not know and possess anything n love and do not believe in progress and evolution. They are ignorant of the possibilities and transitions to higher spiritual realms of light and love. The concept of the 'Fall' underlies this, but that is aside for now. Due to their unloving state of mind, these lower beings are, as it were, 'trapped' in their own unconsciously created spiritual sphere.

Because there is no separation between the physical material world and the Astral realm, these lower beings are able to spiritually connect with the physical Earth plane because they are still spiritually attuned to Earth reality. However, they no longer have a physical body and 'wander', as it were, through the Astral realm, searching for human beings who are unconsciously open to these lower Astral forces. They have learned how to connect with the 'desiring' people on Earth and how to influence them in their daily lives.

‘The Essential Importance of Addressing and Transcending Our Imbalances in Our Four Lower Bodies’ (Separate Selves)

They have acquired the knowledge in this Astral realm and know flawlessly how to subtly manipulate the unconscious human being for their own interests and desires.
If the spiritually 'awakening' person were really aware of how he is being harassed and thwarted by these invisible lower beings, he would have already made a rigorous choice and entered the inner path. However, all this is part of the steady awakening and awareness process, which cannot be forced or accelerated.

What is it and why are these lower beings able to influence humans?
As you realize, these beings no longer have limiting physical bodies and senses. As a result, from their mental state, they are able to perceive much more energetically than we as physical humans with our limiting sensory perception. This means that they can flawlessly perceive our inner state of mind and imbalances in our energy bodies (auric field - subconscious), making the unconscious person very vulnerable to their energetic influence.

Because they still tend and know the lower desire for 'human' warmth, love and Earthly pleasures, you could imagine that they are always looking for vulnerable, sensitive personalities with an often weakened energy field due to unprocessed trauma. It is precisely the fear-based psychological and emotional aspects within us, as guilt, shame and rejection complexes, through which we attract these lower beings to us, through the flawless law of attraction.

They see from our frequency vibration radiation, where and how they can connect and influence, to steal our spiritual energy. They are unable to directly connect to and absorb the higher frequency vibrations of light. The reality is that this makes them completely dependent on the spiritually unconscious person.

In general, people with fear of illness, death, loss and suffering, low self-esteem and self-love, strong attachment to religion, control, security, faith view, false beliefs and materialistic lifestyle are most open to this influence from lower beings in the Astral realm.

Let us return to the initial phase of our awakening and what prevents us from immediately finding the inner path. There are many spiritualists who still have an unrealistic image and thoughts about an ultimate 'awakening breakthrough' or 'spiritual enlightenment'. Often enormously obsessed with their own formed idea, which is strongly nourished by what they hear or read about other people's experiences. They will do anything to reach this state as soon as possible.

So consider this issue, whether you yourself have a constructive and balanced approach to the spiritual path? How can a 'blind person' be able to look immediately into the bright sunlight, without being blinded again by the bright sunlight? Precisely, it is the linear mind approach, our logical thinking and analytical mind response, that tries to define the spiritual path from its 'separate selves'. It is the 'outward' directed mind desires, with which one still unconsciously identifies. They are people who often travel from one retreat to another or who want to stay in India or another area for months to meet an appealing 'enlightened' guru with naturally high expectations.

And it is precisely this desire and mentality that opens the door to the lower forces in the Astral realm. They will use your separate selves and entice you to this outer path and serve you with a situation or character that you are strongly attracted to,
for only one reason and that is to keep you far away from the inner path.

Do you really think we can call upon a higher ascended light being 'on demand' and have it suddenly appear? If you realize that any lower beings who reside in the three octaves of the Astral realm are able to masquerade as a 'familiar' character, a 'higher light being' or even ascended Master, then you might also assume, that we must learn to distinguish and coordinate what we want to contact and connect with. And why? Because the last thing they want is for you to become aware of them, so that you are no longer a prey for them to steal spiritual energy.

'The outer spirit (ego), cannot enter God's Kingdom'

Didn't an already ascended Master brother even say, 'the Kingdom of God is within you'. Now, more than 2000 years later, we are already able to reconsider these words from a higher level of achieved self-awareness, as learning to reconnect with 'Christ consciousness'. No outer path or teaching, 'enlightened' guru or even an ascended Master, will be able to bring you to this 'Christ Consciousness' realization. The spiritual path is a gradual path, which can be entered by every spiritual human being and each step upward is made conscious.

‘Learning to see the inner path is our greatest challenge’.

Giving up and letting die your 'separate selves', with which you identify yourself, takes courage, willingness, decisiveness and perseverance. We will inevitably come to the point where we will realize that we must give up our expectations for a dramatic spiritual breakthrough. We will therefore recognize that the path is a gradual one, without the frills of supernatural experiences, at least if increasing contact with the ascended realm or a Master does not qualify you for this. Self-awareness will rise steadily as you commit to the process, know who you are and where you are on the path.

When you reach the 96th level, you will give up the tendency to approach the spiritual path on the basis of separate selves. You will let go of identifying with your built-up spiritual self-image and sense of self to rise above the collective consciousness, because it no longer serves you. You give up the identity of being a spiritual person because you meet the conditions of your own spiritual teaching.

You see through the subtle separate selves and patterns from which you still respond to the world. You experience and recognize your 'ego games' and want to free yourself from them, ready to finally escape from the psychological cage of the ego. You are willing to gradually come to the point where you are no longer the self reacting to the world.
You are willing to see that those selves were created to look only at the outside world. They are shaped by the sense of being a separate being living in a sustainable world. You will now avoid falling into the trap by building up a sense of spiritual identity and continually trying to refine it.

‘I AM the open door of Love’

There is a deeper realization and knowing within us that our I AM Presence has sent part of itself to Earth to express the unique quality of Divine Love. We know that this part is our conscious self, which is intended to fulfill the role of the Christ in our Being. Our conscious self is charged with the task of maintaining the Oneness between our I AM Presence and our lower being. We allow God's light and love to flow through our chakras and consciousness and project it into the collective consciousness so that those around us may experience it and we help bring about the golden age.

So let your Spirit soar upward and
embracing life with only love,
because if you open your heart,
surely tears the veil apart.
And you will see the light within,
that leads to a bright future

GM over MK

We conclude this series with this 5th blog, 'a different perspective on spirituality and spiritual awareness'. However, we will continue to focus on themes and aspects that are related to the spiritual inner path.



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