'spirituality and spiritual awareness' (part 3)


'spirituality and spiritual awareness' (part 3)

'A suggestion for consideration'

Concerns current themes and topics, which are discussed in a broader perspective - the intention is to normalize the concept of 'spirituality' and 'spiritual awareness' within our society. This creates the opportunity to reflect on yourself from your free will and personal level and to experiment with it through application in our daily life on Earth.

'Our formed personality - ego, is actually 'the product' of all our lives'

Let us first return to the essential aspects of the previous two blogs, so that we can obtain a reference from which to continue with blog 3.

Our awakening on this planet and learning that we are more than a 'mortal' human being of flesh and blood, is in fact the starting point of the search for our 'true' identity. Although this is often seen and presented as a major breakthrough, it is nothing more or less than a level shift in our spiritual consciousness, an 'enlightenment', an 'aha moment', or whatever you want to call it. If you use spiritual media platforms, you will recognize the many posted responses from experiences of the 'awakened'.

The fact is that we have still not built up a higher referential feeling and understanding in this life as 'spiritual beings' and we have paid relatively little attention to our 'unresolved' psychology, illusions, false beliefs and emotional wounds. For the time being, we will observe and experience the 'awakening and aha moment' from our colored perception filter.

It concerns a phase and we could compare it symbolically, that as 'spiritual blind people' we have found the exit from a dark basement room and suddenly find ourselves in a bright, sunlight-filled room, where we cannot immediately orient ourselves while rubbing our eyes. and analyze where we are, what has happened to us and what will happen next.

Let us especially emphasize 'not rational analysis', because for the time being this will still be an 'obstacle', a mechanism that we cannot simply dismantle and put aside. The ego will not budge for a while and will continue to dominate our dormant intuitive abilities, as we will still approach awakening and the spiritual path from our linear and analytical mind, which is also called the personal 'perception filter'.

“Is there a way out to stop our linear analytical mind?”

Not immediately, but certainly trainable to transcend and neutralize every 'contradictory' thought in your psyche. Obviously this is a major challenge on the inner path and it requires all willingness to face and critically consider your attachments, limiting beliefs and truths from which you have always lived.

Every human being will experience spiritual awakening in his cosmic evolution and level of achieved self-consciousness, as all life born of God is subject to the cosmic laws of harmonizing, expanding and contracting forces. These forces are now extremely tangible and visibly active on planet Mother Earth. Natural life is docile, but the stubborn, cultivated person will have to move along to allow and accept this inner balance restoration between the 'feminine' and 'masculine'.

From a spiritual perspective, there are no 'Earthly crises', which are magnified and named as such from ignorance = fear. Pandemics, climate change, wars, energy, economic and inflation crises are manipulative concoctions and performances of the human mind, of course directed by 'dark forces'.

The planet Mother Earth is restoring itself under the influence of these cosmic laws. And these Divine laws also live in our being and will push us up to further awakening and evolution.

Do we move with the impulses of the 'Mother's contractions' or do we stubbornly resist entering into essential life through her birth channel, as God once intended it for humanity?

“Integrating the laws of reincarnation and karma will dramatically change our perspective on life.”

Is it still acceptable that we as spiritual human beings on this physical planet, where existing technologies and scientific knowledge are used to a large extent, we still do not reach for a higher understanding of human life and spirituality?

If we quietly view life in nature on Earth through its seasons, we see the constant evolutionary cycle process of flowering and dying. We see the same efficacy of universal laws in the animal kingdom and all other life down to the smallest insect and aspect, by observing the human eye under a microroscope.

Isn't it miraculous in comparison that today's modern man still lives from his 'consciousness of death'? Fear of death! Fear of illness! Fear of crises? Fear of financial shortage? Fear of loss!.. rejection!.. guilt!.. and shame?

The entire world society is saturated with laws, rules, agreements and systems, which are founded and developed from unresolved psychological fears in our subconscious mind.

The major consequence of this is that we have organized and cultivated our lives through these fear doctrines in such a way that we are no longer even aware on a daily basis that we live from this control and 'safe feeling' mechanism.

How do we want to evolve as souls on this planet if we do not see through this control mechanism in our psychological life and sincerely acknowledge this? And from that moment on, would we be willing to transform every unbalanced aspect we encounter in daily life?

We already live in the 'Aquarius Age', where striving for a higher personal understanding of reincarnation, karmic laws and aspects are essential to move higher on our path, simultaneously raising the collective consciousness of humanity in vibration.

It will gradually dawn on our consciousness that the higher purpose on Earth has little or nothing to do with our personal, relational and social wishes and desires. However, every aspect of life can contribute to growth and lead to our higher purpose and destiny.

For your consideration

Everything on this physical, material planet and world, works as a 'reality simulator'. Everything exists and is formed from basic energy. So when we create frequencies through images, sense of self, thoughts, emotions and actions, send them out into the universe, both unconsciously and somewhat consciously, the cosmic mirror will return these to you in equal, manifest form and reality.

GM over MK

In part 4, we will further illuminate the inner path, as the realization will increasingly arise that you do not have to become something that you already are!



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