"spirituality and spiritual awareness" (part 1)

'spirituality and spiritual awareness' (part 1)

'A suggestion for consideration'

Concerns current themes and topics, which are discussed in a broader perspective - the intention is to normalize the concept of 'spirituality' and 'spiritual awareness' within our society. This creates the opportunity to reflect on yourself from your free will and personal level and to experiment with it through application in our daily life on Earth.

“A spiritual insight never includes the highest understanding!”

I am 'spiritual', I hear people around me say more and more and I also notice this worldwide on social media platforms and personal contacts. The personal vision and understanding given to it vary considerably. All the more reason to think about it and highlight and explain it from a broader perspective.

Ask any number of people and you are guaranteed to hear different views and answers. There is nothing wrong with that in itself and certainly not strange, as every soul is a unique human being, with its own developed self-image and sense of self, which has created a 'filtered' view of the world from which it lives and functions.

Despite the fact that an enormous amount of literature material is offered in both book form and digitally via the internet, a human definition of what 'spirituality' or 'being spiritual' is is actually impossible. There is simply no supreme knowledge and understanding within our human, limited minds. Can we accept this?

'Our ego is the product of many reincarnation lives in the duality consciousness'

Difficult, because there is always the tendency of the ego, which wants to squeeze in to judge it, define it and give it a certain form or example. A simple example to consider: Suppose you look mindlessly at the 'starry sky' on a beautiful clear night when everyone is asleep. You have been staring for quite some time and suddenly you fall into a deeper state of mind and you realize that you are looking at the universe of which you are a part. It dawns on you how infinitely grand the universe actually is. Yet, in your normal daily consciousness, this moment never occurs to you. Could even one thought and desire arise in this unique moment of 'silence' that would like to analyze and explain the universe?

Now, we could also view our personal awareness process in this way. More and more sensitive people are 'awakening' because their self-consciousness is undergoing a shift under the influence of, and let's keep it general, by calling it 'universal forces'. We feel something inexplicable and focus more and more on spirituality and wanting to live spiritually.

However, the 'awakening' person does not yet have the real realization and reference that he is a 'spiritual being'. The always 'outward' sensory focus, which we have been taught from birth, has become a persistent automatism. A thought programming, which we have come to experience and live as 'reality' due to our physical and material circumstances. We never considered that there might be a higher perspective and understanding of our Earthly life that we could identify with.

'Breaking through our sensory perspective and physical experiences'

It is because of this that newly 'awakened' people approach the 'spiritual path' in this way. A yet misunderstood, deep inner desire is projected with the 'outer mind' onto their physical and material living conditions. In simple words, 'spirituality' is approached rationally and linearly in this phase.

Driven by a strong curiosity, one will move towards outer forms and manifestations of spirituality. They want to learn and gain knowledge quickly, to become even more 'spiritual' and to continue to feed their curiosity. We are then like little toddlers who can just crawl and suddenly want to run fast. Those who are a little further along can now laugh about it, some recognize this description and others are in this phase. And there are those who do not recognize this at all.

The process of 'spiritual awakening' is essentially the same for every soul as a human being on Earth. However, the personal experience, the personal karma and the level of spiritual consciousness one is at at that moment gives this distinction. For example, one person will feel attracted to and turn to unreal angels and guides, the other will follow shamanism, delve into 'paranormal' gifts and phenomena, train for 'mediumship', astrology, etc. The other has a stronger feeling for ascended masters, the cosmic universe, or is concerned with unraveling God's secrets, and so on.

'Don't forget your own Karmic shopping list to complete!'

Depending on our zoning plan and free will, we can continue to experiment and experience endlessly from our view of life. The process of awakening and growing spiritually is actually a constant change in consciousness. During this phase we also become increasingly aware of and confronted with the 'universal spiritual laws'.

There is 'the law of karma' and the 'law of attraction'. These are the two most important universal laws that have drawn us back to Earth. The incarnation process works flawlessly for every soul and has brought us here to a place and in circumstances that are most optimally suited to balance our karma with others and ourselves. We will delve deeper into this topic at another time.

The reason for briefly mentioning the concept of 'karma' is that the soul is at a very critical point in its evolution on Earth. Does he give in to the inner urge to balance his karma and make a start or does he refuse and deny this 'pulling' feeling? Every soul recognizes this critical phase and struggles with the ego.

GM via MK

In part 2, we will further illuminate the inner path, when 'the ego' is willing to surrender to the evolutionary process of the soul.


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