'spirituality and spiritual awareness' (part 4)


'spirituality and spiritual awareness' (part 4)

'A suggestion for consideration'

Concerns current themes and topics, which are discussed in a broader perspective - the intention is to normalize the concept of 'spirituality' and 'spiritual awareness' within our society. This creates the opportunity to reflect on yourself from your free will and personal level and to experiment with it through application in our daily life on Earth.

'Do you believe now?... because you have seen me, you believe...
Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed'

Spoken words from the distant past of an already ascended master, which were once recorded in writing and are still 'preached' and 'taught' on a daily basis, but whose depth cannot easily be fathomed by man's 'self-limiting' consciousness. More than 2,000 years later, most of cultured humanity still does not experience a deeper belief within itself, namely the God connection with its higher spiritual Self being.

Why is this still the case and why is this process of increasing Self awareness so difficult?

We have grown up and have been taught from birth to use our physical senses optimally on this physical planet. We have become almost completely absorbed in it with our self-consciousness and have come to regard this sensory perception as reality and truth. However, as a result, our intuitive abilities and 'inner vision' were not developed proportionately and for many people were even completely ignored. During the growth into adulthood, our self-consciousness was rarely or not challenged within our family, friendship circles and later partner relationships, so there was no reason to question the image of ourselves and the world.

The fundamental cause of physical, mental and emotional illness and disease, for example, can be found in this imbalance between 'personality' (ego) and 'intuitive mind' connection.

'Learning to see the inner path is our greatest challenge'

As spiritual beings, we are born 'naked' from the mother. By incarnating in a physical body on this densified planet, our spiritual consciousness was also 'narrowed' and there is generally no reference feeling or memory left of a previous physical life or life based on spiritual attunement. The sense of who we are, where we come from and for what purpose we are present on this planet does not emerge and is, as it were, 'numbed' by the sensory focus and impulses of the 'outside world'.

Again, the essence of our presence on this planet is to have a physical, material experience as spiritual beings. Have you ever asked yourself, Who is looking through my eyes and reading this text right now? What is it that wakes me up in the early morning? Who is it that automatically breathes in and out the oxygen in my lungs? And what force controls the perfect functioning of all my bodily organs and functions? What is the inspiration that considers and experiences choices every day? A complicated PC computer doesn't work on its own, does it?

We will come to a point where we will increasingly let go of intellectual analysis, because we feel that we are stagnating and not making progress. The process of raising our spiritual awareness requires striving for a higher understanding of it by approaching it differently. To restore balance, we will have to learn to detach from the never-ending, analytical linear mind. In order to better unlock and optimize the intuitive mind and its capabilities, we must be willing to critically examine and reconsider every thought concept and program in our psychology that we have taken for granted from birth and have come to live. .

It is essential to learn to contemplate regularly and constructively, in any form of dialogue, reflection, consideration or meditation, this is the key and absolute necessity. We simply cannot continue to change our unbalanced circumstances in the 'outside world' without looking deeper within ourselves to determine the cause why these external circumstances have been able to manifest themselves.

The 'cosmic mirror' flawlessly returns to us what we continuously transmit unconsciously, as consciously.

By entering the inner path, we as spiritual beings can no longer ignore these Divine laws of nature. As a material human being on this planet, we have to deal with material laws of nature, such as 'gravity' and 'the law of material growth', as well as many kinds of cultural and social laws and rules devised by people themselves. 'The law of attraction' and 'the law of karma' belong eto the 'spiritual laws' that we as spiritual beings on Earth are confronted with.

'The cosmic universal laws work flawlessly' ~
~ 'The Earth is like a reality simulator'

When we learn and are confronted for the very first time that we have created all our external, material and physical circumstances in our lives up to now, this will almost immediately evoke a resistance reaction or even denial in us, because this is not at all consistent. with our (created) self-image and psychology of who we are... and how the world works and should work... and yet?...

Yes, doubt!... doubt!.. and is that doubt justified?

For your consideration...

Yes, because in the ancient scriptures it says... 'And God created man in his image'... And how might we view these words today, from our spirituality and higher levels of achieved self-awareness regarding the individual human being and humanity from many centuries ago?

'God created man in his image', a spiritual light being, an individualization of the creator with a consciousness and Divine potential, with which he is able, from a given 'free will', to co-create in 'God's works and plan'.

Can you experience and remember the vibration of these words again? Accept it and see yourself again as the spiritual light being, who has consciously decided to send herself to Earth to bring her light and love there and thereby help raise the vibration of this densified, chaotic planet?

Partly due to the collective consciousness of humanity, of which we are all a part, which was so lowered in vibration by historical events and the struggle between unbalanced forces and powers for this planet, we have forgotten our origin and connection with the source.

It is not God, the Father... who has forsaken us... It was ourselves who have denied the Father in our Self.

A look at today's world and society still shows us this 'denial'. The vibrations of judgment and struggle are still experienced and visibly present on a daily basis, both in and around people. Who on this planet can claim that he is free from all influences and imbalances in his four lower bodies, because he has managed to transcend and heal them?

Can we assume that there are currently 8 billion spiritual beings on this planet, all with the same Divine core and potential as you, and who are also an individualization and extension of the creator? Can you really see and understand from what level of self-awareness they co-create and manifest on this planet every day?

Look beyond your own safe and comfortable living environment and country. Descend to the 'non-democratic' countries where an entire society is still oppressed by a certain power structure, culture or religion... go further, to those places and parts of the world where hunger and poverty prevail every day. Consider the self-awareness level of these people who find themselves in these kinds of life circumstances.

And ask yourself... are these millions of people... and are these nations, sometimes even more than one billion inhabitants, able to consciously co-create from their physical and material living conditions in harmony and attunement with the universal principles? and laws of God? Are they able to help and contribute, to raise the collective consciousness of humanity into vibration?

If they were able, this would have already happened and been accomplished. The truth, however, is that more than ninety percent of the world's population has not yet reached this level of self-awareness, as have the governments and leaders of virtually all nations. That is why we see repeat cycles of endless wars, conflicts and crises throughout human history.

We cannot solve something constructively, from the same consciousness with which we created a problem. Putin will therefore never be able to end the war with the same consciousness with which he started the war. Governments that call themselves democratic cannot stop the 'power elite' because they have created legislation and treaties from a certain level of consciousness that they have still not transcended.
Just as the collective consciousness of humanity reflects the condition and atmosphere on Earth, so too do our personal circumstances reflect what is going on in our inner world and state of mind. The cosmic mirror gives us back flawlessly what we send out energetically.

'You don't have to become something you already are!'

If ninety percent of the world's population is not yet aware of its spiritual being and Divine potential... then it is logical that the remaining ten percent will have to make the difference to raise the collective consciousness of humanity. And the only way to achieve this is through the application of constructive self-transcendence.

Reestablishing connection with our higher Self being will further unlock the Divine potential and destiny within us, which defines this process into what essentially needs to be done and what no spiritual counselor or re-connector can do for us. We do not need to change or restore the cosmic universe, the laws and God's plan, although some think otherwise, that God created us as 'not perfect' beings in His image.

Let me end this long blog with the moving words of an ascended Master, who has gone before us on the exact same path and many with him.

'The outer spirit (ego), cannot enter God's Kingdom'.

God's Wisdom makes it all so clear that
the truth will free everyone from fear.
Surrender is the master key to free every human being

God gives without conditions from Above
all his Holy Love. My own conditions
I let go, all suffering will surely cease.

Oh Saint Germain, send violet flames,
consume all fear, guilt and shame.
If we give up and forgive everything from the past,
we will finally find true freedom.

GM over MK


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