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'Spirituality and spiritual awareness (part 5)

  ANOT HE R PERSPECTIVE ON... 'SPIRITUALITY & SPIRITUAL AWARENESS' (BLOG 5) 'A suggestion for consideration'. Concerns current themes and topics, which are discussed in a broader perspective - the intention is to normalize the concept of 'spirituality' and 'spiritual awareness' within our society. This creates the opportunity to reflect on yourself from your free will and personal level and to experiment with it through application in our daily life on Earth. It took a while to write this. My intention is to regard the fifth blog as a kind of conclusion, in which we once again highlight the essence of the 'spiritual awakening' of the previous four blogs. Let us use some 'headers' from blog 4 as a guideline. 'You don't have to become something you already are!'. The feeling, the thought of 'spiritual awakening' is increasingly heard and shared by people who experience something and try to define thei