'spirituality and spiritual awareness' (part 2)


'spirituality and spiritual awareness' (part 2)

'A suggestion for consideration'

Concerns current themes and topics, which are discussed in a broader perspective - the intention is to normalize the concept of 'spirituality' and 'spiritual awareness' within our society. This creates the opportunity to reflect on yourself from your free will and personal level and to experiment with it through application in our daily life on Earth.

“A personal experience is superior to any spiritual insight provided”

When we have reached a phase, a certain point in our lives and this certainly does not have to be in this or the next life, but has made an essential breakthrough by recognizing that we are 'spiritual beings' and have a higher understanding of life then sooner or later we will start to tailor and organize our lives accordingly.

But the linear, outer spirit is still predominant. Because it lives from analysis and wanting to understand. The deeper psychology behind wanting to know, understand or analyze something comes from 'not knowing'. As a result, over the centuries we have developed a cultivated human existence and psychology, based on control and security.

In fact, in our daily lives we are constantly busy creating a safe sense of self. The outer mind has been conditioned in such a way that it can no longer approach life in any other way than this way. This imbalance created by fear is increasingly exposed as we continue down the inner path and increase our self-awareness. Again, there is no definition of the spiritual path for the simple reason that we must dare to let go of the outer mind 'control' in order to live the inner mind 'surrender' (intuition).

We will have to deal with contradictions within ourselves which are reflected in our outside world and interactions with our dear loved ones, friends, colleagues and fellow human beings. It is an inevitable process that we will go through and where we must break free from old patterns and views about life that we have always considered to be true. Old psychological and emotional wounds are experienced again with the intention of constructively transcending these unbalanced aspects.

Our inner emotional life will 'demand' more and more peace and focus from us, balance and harmony, so that we will pay less and less attention to the busy, chaotic and 'much demanding' outside world. This is inherent in the process of transcending, to psychologically and emotionally detach ourselves from attachments and values that we have been taught from birth.

'This important phase is often underestimated, also due to the ignorance of a traditional psychologist and psychiatrist that we are psycho-spiritual beings'.

“The ego will continue to challenge us until we silence it!”

We have now entered a phase where we have to make choices and decisions, or reconsider previously made choices. The ego's 'power and control game' has emerged from our 'subconscious closet' and is now becoming strongly experienced. The inner battle between head and heart, inner and outer world, ego versus intuition (higher self), is a 'normal' but inescapable process, which will involve trial and error, because the ego thinks it has acquired a fundamental 'right to exist' in this physical, material world and will not simply give this up.

Every soul as a human being experiences this process of awakening and entering the inner path and the 'struggles' therein in its own unique way, at its level of achieved self-awareness. In recognizing that we are 'spiritual beings', the acceptance and pursuit of a higher understanding of reincarnation and karma will also be essential to progressing on the path.

We will have to recognize and transcend ourselves by learning to understand our unresolved psychology more deeply, the illusions and false beliefs that we still hold before ourselves and live from. This is the point where spiritually awakened people usually get stuck and drop out because they refuse to climb that high mountain with all those dangerous ravines and caverns. Too often people tend to rely on the thought concept that results must be experienced immediately by doing a spiritual practice or studying a spiritual teaching.

This concerns the old 'romantic' ideal image, which will lead the spiritual path as a broad, straight upward road to ultimate 'enlightenment'. Again, you cannot approach the process of the inner spiritual path in any intellectual, human way.

“Everything is and consists of energy and is influenced by pure consciousness”

We now have a broader understanding and perspective on our 'inside' and 'outside world' and how we have experienced this in our lives so far. Everything in the material universe is devoid

sprouts from energy, a basic energy that has been reduced to a certain frequency level in such a way that we can perceive it with our physical senses. We can find a wonderful example and proof of how we can turn liquid water into a 'solid' form into ice. And now by heating the ice to its boiling point, we see this transition to evaporation to the point beyond our physical, sensory perception. Within our physical sense frequency spectrum, we can partly observe this process.

If we consider our physical and subtler bodies (aura - energy field) from this parallel perspective, then you could say that all our mental images, thoughts and feelings consist of energy vibrations that move within a certain frequency spectrum. Can we accept this higher understanding?

“There are forces in the universe that will influence you and try to discourage you on the path.”

Let us return to our personal lives for a moment and examine the 'ups and downs' that we have experienced during our awakening (and life) and search for the inner path that we have experienced so far. After a period of jubilation and enthusiasm, a lot of spiritual undertakings based on an endless amount of energy that we experienced, we entered a phase where the feeling slowly ebbed away and we experienced stagnation or relapse again. You couldn't put your finger on what and why this happened.You experienced old reaction and behavior patterns again and did not understand how this could happen again. This phase may be behind you, but you can still be in it emotionally.

If we are willing to look at planet earth without colored glasses, what is the first thing we notice? Right, a very unbalanced world society and society. Throughout millennia of history, there have always been imbalances and chaotic conditions on planet Earth. Without further consideration, can we say that this is caused again and again by man, who originally as a spiritual being with free will would bring his light and love to this chaotic, dark planet? Or is there more going on that we are not aware of and may even be unconsciously keeping in mind?

'Astral forces, energies and their influence on physical man'

Manipulative forces and energies, fallen beings in and without a body, Anti-Christ forces, entities and demons.

Whether you believe in it or deny it, the fact is that we as human beings harbor 'accumulated' lower-qualified energy vibrations in our auric field, which we unconsciously express through our reaction and behavior patterns, emotions and actions. Every person has experienced a situation or conflict with their fellow human beings, in which, out of nowhere, you felt a sudden force arise within you that caused you to discharge your emotions uncontrollably. After you had regained some composure, you kept asking yourself how this had happened to you, because you completely lost yourself in this fraction of an emotional release moment.

Since everything consists of energy and this basic energy is formed by pure consciousness, these energy vibrations also influence each other to a greater or lesser extent. For example, this is where the spiritual statement comes from, 'Everything is connected'.

If we were to view our interactions with other people neutrally, we would generally see how we respond to each other 'energetically' through our self-image, thoughts, feelings and actions on an unconscious level. During an interaction with another person, our energy field can be influenced in such a way that we can experience this change very strongly in our three subtler energy bodies, to which we may be able to respond again.

If we can view from this perspective that we as humans, consciously and unconsciously, influence each other, it is therefore plausible that invisible forces in the universe with a lower state of consciousness can influence the physical, earthly human being through his subtler energy bodies? Could it be possible for these lower forces to subtly, manipulatively influence our thoughts, feelings, emotions and even actions? Can we perceive these forces when we see two people discussing intensely in a conflict with each other? Do we also see this between groups of people in football stadiums? and war between two or more nations?

It is not my intention to delve further into the 'lower forces' aspect now, as the focus of this blog is on our inner process and spiritual path. In a later blog topic, this important aspect will be brought up again and discussed in more depth. My intention to mention it in this phase of our process is that we also experience the imbalances in our 'outside world' within ourselves. And this is precisely what we must solve, through every unbalanced aspect in us, so that external, invisible lower forces and fellow humans have less or no negative influence on our personal energy field.

I would like to conclude this blog with a statement and tool that you can use and apply at any time of the day, in any situation and experience.

Question statement:

The constant question you may keep asking yourself on the path is - 'do I respond from an inner peace of mind or do I respond from dis-peace to my fellow man and the world?'

GM over MK

In part 3, we will further illuminate the inner path, as we increasingly experience 'the ego' and view it as a 'control mechanism'.



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